We're All a Little Mad

Especially Me

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somehowunbroken asked: Hi! Would you happen to be holding N6?

"Oh! You’re back!" Tim smiles at you, "Good to see you again."

Dick skips over to greet you as Tim wanders over somewhere. “Hey, how’s it going? Have you gotten lots of parts yet?”

Tim comes back with a plate of cookies and some napkins. “Here you go. I’m afraid that you won’t find that part here, though.” Dick steals a cookie from the plate, avoiding Tim’s slap. “But feel free to stop by anytime. We’re expecting all of you for the next week or so.”

"Ava’s not one to get many messages, so she’s really enjoying this while she can." Dick pouts as his second attempt is successfully blocked.

"So enjoy the cookies for now. Perhaps we’ll see you again soon."

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len-yan asked: oh gosh, a jason reply, it couldn't possibly get any better *fans self* thank you so much! and since i'm still searching for a couple of parts... any chance for U5? thank you for your time~

Jason’s smirk is large and, to all the others, very obnoxious. 

"Hm. I guess sometimes Ava’s worth something." He dodges a flying glass. "So glad I could be useful."

"Ugh," Tim shoves him aside with a hand to the face, "Turn off the charm, boy blunder, you’re making me sick."

He snorts in response, “Why, jealous?”

Ava slips in front of you to partially block your view off the sudden fight. “Um, yeah. So that’s happening. Sorry ‘bout that.”

Dick comes over with a plate of cookies, “Want one? They’re fresh!”

After you all grab a cookie, Ava looks at you sadly, “Sorry we can’t be of more help to you. I kind of wish there weren’t so many holders so I could hold more fic parts so I could say yes to more people. But perhaps that’s just selfish of me.”

Dick gives her a few pats on the back in sympathy.

"Anywhatsit. Enjoy the cookies and the show, I guess."

You all turn to stare at the two brawling men. 

A bit later you hear Ava mutter, “There needs to be fewer clothes.”

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kiragecko asked: Due to unforeseen cost overruns on Project S5, budget cuts have had to be made. Hand crafted messages for data inquiries regarding Project S5 are no longer within project budget. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please reply with data regarding current Project S5 status.


Tim and Ava stare at the message on the screen.

"That’s kinda charming, actually."

Tim nods, “It certainly saves time, I suppose. As opposed to stopping by individually.”

"It does mean that we can’t give them cookies, though…" Ava sighs.

"Maybe they didn’t want cookies."

A blank stare, “Who doesn’t want cookies?”

He stares back silently.

A few moments pass.

"I’m just…" Tim looks away slowly, "I’m just going to send the negative response now."

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hauntedlittledoll asked: Good morning, I'm looking for J4. Any chance I'm looking in the right place? Thanks!

Ava yelps, “Ack! I’m so sorry, I almost missed you!”

"Relax, brat," Jason puts a large hand on her head and moves it around.

"Nyeh!" Ava scrabbles at his hand, "I’m older than you are!"

"Only metaphorically."


Jason relents and lets her go. He turns to face you, “Anyway. Ignore her, she’s kind of useless.”

He avoids the hand aimed to smack him.

"Ah, J4. Sorry, but you won’t find that here." He blocks another smack, "Good luck, ‘kay?"

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Hi there! So adorable your replies! <3 Hope you are having tons of fun with the fic hunt so far. Do you have Q5? See you soon!


Ava blushes and claps her hands to her cheeks, “Y-You really think so?”

Dick helps a flattered and stunned Ava to a chair, while Tim walks up to you.

"Hello again, I’m afraid we won’t be able to help you this time either." He gestures to the table in the adjacent, "You’re just in time for some snacks, though. Alfred just took another batch of cookies out of the oven and there are scones if you like them. I quite enjoy the blueberry ones, myself."

"Bye-bye!" Dick waves at you as you leave, the other hand on Ava’s shoulder. 

She waves, too, “Good luck!”

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kanetomojiretsu asked: Pardon me, but do you have F4?

Hi! Would you happen to have F5?


Dick smiles at you while Tim looks through the database.

"So… How’s it going? I hope things are going well for you." Dick chuckles, "I remember last year’s… everyone was still trying to figure things out and it was kinda stressful. But fun!"

He hands you another cookie.

"This year, though, we have a few veterans around."

Tim walks over to the two of you and grabs a cookie for himself, “Even though she’s generally pretty clueless, lazy, and slow-” (“Aw, Timmy that’s not nice!”) “she knows well enough how this party goes. Even if she is so tired right now and is responding so slowly.”

Dick shoves Tim into a chair. “Anyway. So is it there?”

He shakes his head, “No, not F4 or F5.” He turns to you, “Sorry ‘bout that. Feel free to stop by again if you wanna chat.”

"Good luck!" Dick waves cheerfully.

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kleine-asbar asked: Let's get this party started! Hiya, I'm fic hunting, and I'm looking for D2. Any chance you might have it? Thanks in advance!

"Aw, yeah," Jason grins broadly, "You seem like my kind of person."

Tim rolls his eyes, “You still can’t spend your entire life partying, Jason. We’ve talked about this.”

Dick opens his mouth to speak but Tim cuts him off with a look. “We’ve also had this conversation, Dick. Don’t even start.”

"Aw…" Dick frowns sadly and sulks.

"You’re no fun, baby bird," Jason groans. "You really should get that stick out of your ass."

Tim flushes, “Ugh, j-just shut up.” Shaking his head he turns to you, “Anyway, sorry about that. You won’t find that here. Good luck.”

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sixelamarr asked: Hi There! Do you have B2?

Steph smiles at you and shyly tugs on a lock of her hair. “Sorry, cutie, but I’m afraid you won’t find that one here.”

Cass tugs on another lock of yellow teasingly, making the other girl pout. “Cass, really?” she whines.

The black-hared girl allows the blonde to nudge her away. She waves to you and goes over to Tim, draping herself across his shoulders with enough force to make him yelp.

A sigh draws your attention back to Steph. She grins, “Well, good luck on your quest. I hope you find it soon.”

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bloodymarynights asked: Hey there! hope you had sweet dreams! By any chance do you have Q2? If you didn't sleep well, GO BACK TO BED! I can wait, your healt is first. See you around!

Tim glances over at the bed that Ava is curled up in, the woman almost invisible in the mess of sheets and blankets.

He snorts, “Yeah, it’s bedtime again for her, but she’s been staying up to do these things after long days of work and stuff. I’ll apologize for how slow she’s being in getting these answers to you.”

The door opens a bit and Dick pokes his head in, “Hey there, just wanna let you know I couldn’t find it.” He grins at you and waves, “Sorry ‘bout that.”

Tim sighs, “Well, I suppose I’ll let you out now. Good luck.”

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Hello! Hope your hunt is going well; I’m afraid I lost the list of who I had asked what (AHHHHHHH!) so I apologize if I already asked you this but; I’m looking for part A2; is it hiding near you?


Ava narrows her eyes and searches around, but doesn’t find anything.

She stands and scratches the back of her neck, “Sorry I can’t be of more help. I’m glad your search seems to be going well otherwise. I’m sure you’ll find it.”

Suddenly there’s a loud yelp from another room, “Where are the cookies?!”

Ava’s face falls into a blank expression almost instantly and you see a bag of cookies on the table behind her. You blink and suddenly she’s shoving the bag into your hands and is pushing you out the door.

"Bye! Have fun! See you later! Good luck!"

You run off, a little confused. But hey, at least you have cookies.

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Do you have fic part P2?


Dick flushes the moment he looks at you, but grins happily. “Hey, nice to see you! Unfortunately you won’t find that here,” he says after a quick look at the archive.

He hands you a plate with some cookies, “Sorry about that. Have a few of these. There’s fresh!”

Meanwhile, Alfred starts yet another batch of cookies, wondering when Timothy or Jason would be home. Sending Dick out for groceries is just something he doesn’t need to try again after the first time.

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len-yan asked: hello! i'm just here to add another ask to your surely long list (i hope it's not too annoying) - i'm looking for an U3, would you happen to have it? thank you for your time, have a great day^^

Jason shoves a star-struck Ava out of the way, sending her careening towards Dick who frantically dives to catch her.

"Sorry, babe, but you won’t find that here." he puts his cigarette to his mouth, then blows a puff of smoke at you (ignoring the loud protests at such behavior.) "Good luck finding it elsewhere, though."

Cass, appearing from nowhere like she’s a shadow, holds out a cookie. “Good luck,” she mutters, then goes to poke Ava with a stick.

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somehowunbroken asked: Hi! Would you happen to be holding N5?

"Hm," Tim flips through the archive, his frown of concentration looking more like a pout. At one point he tilts his head and squints for a moment before moving on.

Finally he looks up to you and shakes his head forlornly, “Sorry, I can’t seem to find that part.”

He tucks some errant strands of hair behind one ear. “I wish you luck. I am sure you’ll find all the pieces soon.”

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