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The reason a lot of the LJ and DW don’t have links would be because they aren’t up on LJ/DW yet. I’m working on it, though, and will update the links as they’re uploaded.

I am open for prompts, of any kind, for anything. Feel free to swarm me with them. :D


Title (LJ|DW|T) | Rating | Pairing | Genre/Warnings | Summary


* = indicates stories most recently updated/added




Broken Wing Verse

  1. Broken Wing (LJ|DW|T) | PG-13 | It’s too much.
  2. Shattered Vision (LJ|DW|T) | PG-13 | Tim wakes up.



Bunny Verse – collab with MGNemesi 

  1. Bunny (T) | PG-13 | Pre-Jason/Tim | “Her,” Young Mr. Wayne blurts, pointing a finger at the girl. “I want her.” 
  2. Bunny in a Booth (T) | PG-13 | Pre-Jason/Tim | “I could’ve handled it.”
  3. Bunny in a Car (T) | PG-13 | Pre-Jason/Tim | Jason has no idea how the Pretender can balance himself on those heels, but he does it perfectly.
  4. *Bunny is kidnapped! (But not really) (LJ|DW|T) | PG | Pre-Jason/Tim | Tim, Jason, Cassandra | Fluff, tsundere | “Well you sure look different.”  



Dancer AU

  1. Dances with Secrets (LJ|DW|T) | PG | Jason/Tim | They call the beautiful dancer “Robin.”


Darkfics: 100 dark prompts

Caution: This series is very, very dark. There are scary things and sexy things, but all are dark. Hence “Darkfics.”  Nearly every story is abusing Tim in some way. -__-;;;

Installment 1 (LJ|DW)| Installment 2 (LJ|DW)| Installment 3 (LJ|DW)| Installment 4 (LJ|DW)| Installment 5 (LJ|DW)| Installment 6 (LJ|DW*Installment 7 (LJ|DW)

All pairings used (so far): ??/Tim (meaning someone is paired with Tim, but no one is specified), Jason/Tim, Ra’s/Tim, Damian/Tim, Kon/Tim, Dick/Tim, Remy/Tim, Connor/Tim, Bruce/Jason

(I may list all the prompts separately by pairing sometime in the future, but I wanted to get this out eventually.)



Dragon Verse

  1. Dragon Child (LJ|DW|T) | PG | Gen | Angst, Shapeshifting | Tim discovers the reason behind his family’s last name.
  2. Dragon in the Park (LJ|DW|T) | PG | Gen | Shapeshifiting | Jason didn’t know how he knew, but he was dead certain the dragon in the middle of Robinson Park was the Replacement.




  • Timmilocks and the Three Hunks (LJ|DW|T) | PG-13 | Bruce/Tim, Dick/Tim, Jason/Tim | Humor, Sexy | Tim finds a house in the woods and goes in. He ends up being come onto by three very handsome men.



Ghost in the Shell AU

  •  Tachikoma (LJ|DW|T) | PG | Jason/Tim | Fluff | The tachikoma love the Major!
  •  I Flirt With a Gun in Hand (LJ|DW|T) | PG-13 | Jason/Tim | Flirting | Tim is the master of teasing Jason.



*Joker’s Doll AU

  1. The Joker’s Favorite Doll (LJ|DW|T) | T | Tim, Joker | Angst, Super Creepy | The person seated on the throne is perfectly still, completely incapable of movement aside from the miniscule rising of their chest that revealed they were still alive.
  2. Dolls Can’t Talk (LJ|DW|T) | T | Tim, Joker | Angst, Creepy | Being completely incapable of doing anything physical provides a lot of time to think. 



Just Leave Me Verse

  1. And So It Begins (LJ|DW|T) | PG-13 | Gen | Angst | Tim is turned into a cat.
  2. Revelations (LJ|DW|T) | PG-13 | Gen | Angst, Angsty fluff | Tim decides he likes this life.



Little Lonely Boy Verse

Main story arc (Complete)

  1. In a Cave (LJ|DW|T) | PG | Gen | Fluff, Angst
  2. With Hot Chocolate (LJ|DW|T) | PG | Gen | Fluff, Angst
  3. All Wrapped Up (LJ|DW|T) | PG | Pre-JayTim | Fluff, Angst
  4. And His Quiet Watching (LJ|DW|T) | PG | Pre-JayTim | Fluff, Angst
  5. In Front of the Fire (LJ|DW|T) | PG | Pre-JayTim | Fluff, Angst
  6. Not So Little or Lonely Anymore (LJ|DW|T) | PG-13 | Jason/Tim | Fluff, Angst, Sexy
  1. Little Lonely Boy and the Demon (LJ|DW|T) | PG | Gen | Creeper!Ra’s | Little Tim goes to a party and a strange man chats with him.
  2. Little Lonely Boy and the Demon’s Game (LJ|DW|T) | PG | hints of Ra’s/Tim | Ra’s pays Tim another visit.
Prompt Fills Collection Part 1 (LJ|DW)


  • Little!Tim (no chorological order): Kisses (LJ|DW|T)| Naptime Cuddles (LJ|DW|T)| Read Me to Sleep (LJ|DW|T)| Tending (LJ|DW|T)| Cute as a Button (LJ|DW|T)| Little Nightmares (LJ|DW)| Matters of Damian (LJ|DW|T)
  • Afterwards: Touch (LJ|DW|T)



Lost in Time Verse

  1. Lost in Time (LJ|DW|T) | PG | Pre-Bruce/Tim | Tim is sent back in time and finds a younger Bruce.
  2. Connection (LJ|DW|T) | PG | Bruce/Tim | They finally get together, with a little help.



Mermaid AU

  1. Beginning (LJ|DW|T) | PG | Pre-Jason/Tim | Tim’s interest in the human is purely scholarly. …Really. 
  2. On a Beach (LJ|DW|T) | PG | Pre- Jason/Tim | Tim’s going to be in so much trouble.



Mockingbird Verse

  1. The Mockingbird Flies (LJ|DW|T) | T | Gen | Batman is out of control. Tim will do anything to help. 
  2. The Mockingbird Falls (LJ|DW|T) | T | Gen | The bird falls and it’s too late for regret.
  3. *The Mockingbird Breaks (LJ|DW|T) | T | Tim, Dick, Alfred, Ra’s | Angst | He’s ashamed of himself, he thinks once he regains some semblance of emotion aside from emptiness. How could he become like this?




  1. Morpheus (LJ|DW|T) | PG | Morpheus/Tim | There’s a man in his bed.
  2. Red Poppies (LJ|DW|T) | R | Morpheus/Tim | Tim is in a strange bed.
  3. Eros (LJ|DW|T) | PG-13 | Eros/Tim | Up on the rooftops, Tim gets a taste of the heavens.
  4. *Apollo (LJ|DW|T) | PG-13/T | Apollo/Tim | Tim, Dick, Apollo | Angst | Tim is going to be a big brother.



Secret Mermaid!Verse – A DCU/Kaizoku To Ningyo (Pirate and Mermaid) Crossover

Main Story arc

  1. Secret Mermaid (LJ|DW|T) | PG | Gen (future JayTim) | Angstish? | Tim has kept it a secret for many long years, but he lets down his guard for one moment and it’s over. 
  2. Trapped Mermaid (LJ|DW|T) | PG-13 | Gen (future JayTim) | Angst | Ra’s gets his hands on Tim. The others go to Jason for help


  • My Color (LJ|DW|T) | PG | Gen | Tim’s parents take him to the ocean for the first time.




  1. In the Beginning (LJ|DW) | PG | Gen | Angst | When Timothy Jackson Drake was born, he was a little unusual.
  2. The Parts of Myself (LJ|DW) | PG | Gen | Angst, Mention of Character Death | Timothy Jackson Drake is a prodigy.



Other People’s Verses (With permission, of course.)


  • The Small One (LJ|DW|T) | Synesthesia!verse| PG | Synesthesia!Tim is shrunk 
  • Doll (LJ|DW|T) | Ra’s/Tim sentences | PG-13 | Continuation of #5 
  • My Master (LJ|DW|T) | Shaman!verse | PG | Tim’s thankful that Jason is his master.
  • Morning Fun (LJ|DW|T) | Glasses!verse| NC-17 | Tim wakes Jason in a very interesting way.


  • Balancing the Books | Gen | Angst, Deathfic | Tim has a choice. He chooses Death.
    Part 1 [afewnovelideas]| Part 2 [hearts]| Part 3 [by me])


  • *Musings (LJ|DW|T) | Child of Fae AU | T | Tim, Jason, Cass, mentioned Batfamily | Angst, Cute | Tim remembers his childhood.



50 Sentences (It gets its own section because I plan to do more of these. o3o)

Jason/Tim (LJ|DW|T)

*DickTim (LJ|DW|T)




A Big Difference (LJ|DW|T) | PG-13 | Fluff, Angstish | The size difference is depressing. To some extent.

A Kiss (T) | PG | Fluff | Little angel Tim gives little devil Jason a kiss.

Are You Asking? (LJ|DW|T) | PG | Fluff | “Are you asking me out on a man-date?”

Attempts at Cookies (LJ|DW|T) | PG | Fluff, Sexy | Jason attempts to make cookies.

Behind the Altar (LJ|DW) | NC-17 | Smut | Priest!Jason and Altarboy!Tim pointless smut.

Bleeding Out (LJ|DW|T) | PG-13 | Blood, Angst | “You aren’t alone, Jason.”

Birthday Blues (LJ|DW|T) | PG | Angst, Fluff | Tim contemplates past birthdays, and fears for this one. But Jason shows up and perhaps it won’t be so bad after all.

Boy, Look at That Body (LJ|DW|T) | PG-13 | Sexy | Tim admires Jason’s thighs. 

Cats and Robins (LJ|DW) | PG | Fluff | Stray needs to remember to work more on his flirting.

Chaps (LJ|DW|T) | R | Sexy | One of Jason’s biggest kinks is his bike. 

Corsets and Ruffles (LJ|DW|T) | PG-13 | Lingerie, Implied sexytimes | Tim’s not sure how he feels about the ruffles.

Cuddles and Unintentional Groping (LJ|DW|T) | PG-13 | Fluff, Sexy | Jason needs cuddles.

Cupcakes (LJ|DW|T) | PG | Fluff | Jason is surprised. Tim just wants to finish these cupcakes.

Drugged  (LJ|DW|T) | PG | Fluff | Jason gets drugged and Tim tries to help.

Hair (LJ|DW|T) | PG | Fluff, Suggestive | Jason complains about Tim’s hair length.

Hold Me Through This (LJ|DW|T) | PG | Fluff, Angst | Tim holds Jason through his nightmares.

Hot Drinks and Warm Hands (LJ|DW|T) | PG | Fluff | Two times at the end of the year Tim ran into Jason – one with an unexpected turn of events.

I Feel You (LJ|DW) | NC-17 | Smut | Tim really gets off on pain.

I Like These Panties (LJ|DW|T) | T | Sexy, Lingerie | Tim feels confident.

It’s a Cat’s Life (LJ|DW) | R | Fluff, Light smut | Tim’s turned into a kitten and is picked up by a clueless Jason.

Knife to My Heart (LJ|DW) | R | Smut, Non-con| Tim shudders as the sharp blade caresses his skin.

Let Me Drink From You (LJ|DW) | PG | Fluff | Jason never thought that he’d find tea to be something sensual.

Let’s Make a Deal (LJ|DW|T) | T | Angst, Sexy | Tim manages to convince Jason to come home.

Lovely Birds (LJ|DW|T) | PG | Fluff, Angst | Tim has a little bird.

Monday Mornings Should Be Illegal (LJ|DW) | PG-13 | Fluff | Jason doesn’t want Tim to go to school.

Mornings (LJ|DW) | PG | Fluff | Tim loves Jason.

Movie Night (LJ|DW|T) | PG | Fluff | Cass and Steph contemplate Jason and Tim’s relationship.

My First Kiss (LJ|DW|T) | PG | Fluff | Their first kiss under the mistletoe.

My Little Present (LJ|DW|T) | NC-17 | Smut | Ribbons and mirrors.

Nightclubs and Hookups (LJ|DW|T) | PG-13 | Fluff, Angst, Suggestive | It’s Tim’s secret passion. Only, it’s no longer a secret.

Not So Unfortunate (LJ|DW|T) | PG-13 | Sexy | Jason and Tim get stuck in a closet.

Patrols and Mistakes (LJ|DW|T) | PG-13 | Angst, Fluff | Hush shows up and gives Tim trouble.

Red and Silver (LJ|DW|T) | PG | Crossdressing, Fluff | Tim looks gorgeous in red.

Rooftop Tag (LJ|DW|T) | NC-17 | Smut, Fluff | Red Robin!Jason and Stray!Tim have fun on the rooftops

Secrets (LJ|DW|T) | NC-17 | Smut | Jason explores Tim’s kinks.

Sickbed (LJ|DW|T) | PG | Fluff, Angst | Tim’s sick and it’s too quiet.

Smiles and Laughter (LJ|DW|T)| PG | Fluff | Jason loves making Tim laugh.

Smog and Moonlight (LJ|DW|T) | PG | Angst, Fluff | Tim is beautiful.

Smokes (LJ|DW|T) | PG | Angst, Fluff | Tim wants Jason to stop smoking.

Tricks and Traps (LJ|DW) | PG | Fluff, Crossdressing | “Goddamn fox.”

Windows (LJ|DW|T) | NC-17 | Smut | Good times are had in Tim’s office. Very good times.




Appreciation (LJ|DW|T) | R | Sexy, Crossdressing | Bruce likes it when Tim is Caroline.

*BruTim Drabbles for Pro’s Birthday (LJ|DW|T) | Various | Tim Drake, Bruce Wayne | Fluff, Cute | 3 BruTim drabbles for Pro. …obviously

Differential Equations (LJ|DW|T) | PG | None | Tim was all of the Robins combined – and more.

That Time in a Cave (LJ|DW) | NC-17 | Smut | Bruce and Tim have some fun in the cave.




A Meeting Among the Rooftops (LJ|DW) | NC-17 | Smut | Stray has watched this Robin grow into a man. And he quite enjoys the view.

Better than I Thought (LJ|DW|T) | NC-17 | Smut | Damian is surprisingly good at this.

Bound for Me (LJ|DW|T) | PG-13 | Sexy, Bondage | Damian was caught off guard, and Tim takes advantage.

It’s Not Hate (LJ|DW|T) | PG | Fluff | “I don’t hate you as much as you think I do.” 

Silent Waiting (LJ|DW|T) | PG | Fluff| Damian can wait. He can wait until he’s old enough.




Coat Closet (LJ|DW|T) | PG-13 | Fluff, Sexy | Really, it’s the best part about these galas.




A Little Thank You (LJ|DW|T) | PG-13 | Sexy, Creepy | Ra’s should thank them for driving Tim into his arms.

Throw Caution to the Wind (LJ|DW|T) | T | Ra’s/Tim | Tim works for himself. But he doesn’t mind lending Ra’s a hand.

*Eternity (LJ|DW|T) | PG-13 | Tim, Ra’s | Angst | Ra’s al Ghul keeps offering Tim eternity. He doesn’t know that Tim already has it.



Multiple/Tim - Misc/Tim

4 Stories (That I’m too lazy to separate) (T) | 1) Dick/Tim | 2) Jason/Tim | 3) Damian/Tim | 4) Camera/Tim

A Rabbit and the Foxes (LJ|DW|T) | PG-13 | Ra’s/Tim, mentioned everyone/Tim | Angst, Sexy | “Come into my lair, little rabbit. Said the fox.”

Ambiguous (T) | NC-17 | ??/Tim | Smut | Ambiguous sexytimes. \D

Anniversary (T) | R | Roy/Tim | Fluff, Sexy | Roy’s gift to Tim on their anniversary is dinner at a nice restaurant. Tim’s idea of a gift… Well. Roy enjoys it. ;D

Bars and Embarrassing Brothers (LJ|DW|T) | PG | Dick/Tim, Damian/Tim, Jason/Tim | Fluff, Crossdressing | Tim has to deal with his brothers’ attempts at flirting. Thankfully they don’t realize who he is. …Or that he’s male.

Competition (LJ|DW|T) | PG | Batboys/Tim | A twisted game of tag, turned into a contest for a kiss.

Fortress of Sex (LJ|DW|T) | NC-17 | Clark/Tim | Smut | Tim’s really glad that he accepted this relationship, because not only was he loving and sweet, the super was also amazing in bed.

I Never Asked for This Attention (LJ|DW|T) | PG | implied Ra’s/Tim and Villains/Tim | It is ridiculous how much he seems to attract people – especially the unsavory ones.

Kittens (LJ|DW|T) | PG | Red X/Tim | Fluff | Tim finds some kittens.

Rubber Duck (LJ|DW|T) | Bruce/Jason/Tim | Smut | Bruce, Jason, and Tim spend some quality time together.

The Feel of a Kitchen (LJ|DW|T) | PG | ??/Tim | Fluff, Sexy? | Tim loves to cook.

The Riddle Timothy (LJ|DW|T) | NC-17 | Riddler/Tim | Smut, dub-con | The Riddler captures a little bird.

Valentine Kisses (LJ|DW|T) | PG-13 | Bart/Tim, Bruce/Tim, Clark/Tim, Connor/Tim, Damian/Tim, Dick/Tim, Jason/Tim, Kon/Tim, DCnU!Kon/DCU!Tim, Ra’s/Tim, Remy/Tim, Roy/Tim, Slade/Tim, Talon/Tim | Tim gets lots of kisses. :D




Above the Crowd (LJ|DW|T) | PG | Tim, Tam | Fluff | Tim and Tam examine the crowds. 

*Breaking (LJ|DW|T) | T | Tim, mentioned Batfamily | Angst | He’s breaking.

Countdown (LJ|DW|T) | PG-13 | Jason, mentions of others | Angst | The numbers count down, and all he can do is think.

Drunk on More than Love (LJ|DW|T) | PG-13 | Tim, Dick, Bruce, Jason, Damian, Alfred | Fluff, Drunk!fic | Tim is a very cuddly drunk.

Field Trip (LJ|DW|T) | PG | Tim | Angst | Tim couldn’t go on those elementary school trips.

Fly Home Little Bird (LJ|DW) | PG | Alfred | Angst, Fluff | Alfred thinks about all the Robins.

Ice (LJ|DW|T) | PG | Batfamily | Angst, Fluff | The family goes ice skating. But one of them doesn’t know how. 

Storms (LJ|DW|T) | PG | Tim, Bruce | Angstx100 | Hearts challenged me to make sharing an umbrella angsty. 

To Be Able to Fly Away (LJ|DW) | PG | Tim | Angst | Sometimes he wishes he could just fly away.

Too Late (LJ|DW|T) | PG-13 | Tim, Damian, Dick, Bruce, Alfred | Angst | It just becomes too much.



Other Fandoms


*You’re Not Alone (LJ|DW|T) | PG-13 | Watanuki, Doumeki, Maru, Moro, Mokona | Angst | Just a day in the life of a shopkeeper.



Ava and Friends

The Ring (with NotesFromTimandJay)

  • Part 1 (T) | Ava, Neme | “Neme.
  • Part 2 (T) | Ava, Neme | “Two birds, one sky.”

Omfg (T) | Poppydicks/Avanalae | …I don’t even know.