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We're All a Little Mad

Especially me.

I write fanfiction, mostly. Though I also draw sometimes. Well, I draw a lot but I hardly ever post anything.
I am in quite a few fandoms, but the focus on this one seems to be Batman and such related things. Though I am definitely a part of many fandoms. Manga, Anime, cartoons, books, movies... All sorts of mediums for all sorts of fangirl-food.

Note: I hope to make a kind of FAQ page, just to help you guys navigate. But for now, know that I do most of my pairing tags with their full first names (aside from Dick and Tim) in alphabetical order. And I'm trying to convert all of my fanfiction to one tag but it's taking a while, so for now if you want to browse that, visit my "fanfiction" tag.
Jul 11 '12


Yes. I believe before I mumbled something about a giveaway.

Now, I am not terribly artistic and I don’t own anything fascinating, so I crafted some shot glass based nonsense on the off chance someone might be interested.

Also, if anyone wants, I can make custom shot recipes for each of the people.

Lord, I hope I’m not encouraging underage drinking.


  • Only two reblogs per day
  • I don’t care if you’re following me.
  • Ends July 15th
  • Yes, I will ship anywhere.
  • Yes, I will pay for the shipping (but not really, I know a guy.).

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