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I finally wrote more of Just Leave Me! :3 I hope you all enjoy it!


Title: Risks
Just Leave Me
Character(s): Tim Drake, Alfred Pennyworth, Dick Grayson, Damian Wayne, Bruce Wayne, Titus, Zatanna Zatara
Pairing: None
Rating: PG?
Wordcount:  1,207
Warnings: Angst galore. Not much else.

Part 1 | Part 2


Things are going well.

Too well.

But Tim has gotten too comfortable in this new life and this doesn’t occur to him until it’s too late.


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avanalae said: All the batboys and girls in pretty undies with hearts SO MANY HEARTS ALL OF THE HEARTS BECAUSE SUCH LOVE

Because Ava says so.

# but…Babs…


I knew I forgot someone. Please forgive me ><;;;; Here’s a picture for you.


I’m only human ;_;




Also it’s totally okay that you forgot Babs. You are human. And you amended your mistake. So it’s all good. It’s perfect. *smooshes your face and stares into your eyes*



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Happy Birthday, Tim

This story is based on this entry and this additional one from batfamilyheadcanons.

301. Tim’s last birthday with his family was anything but happy. The day he turned 21 his family had either forgotten or missed it. That day the Joker had broken free and since Tim was patrolling by himself was lured and caught by him. Tim was then tortured by the Joker, and all it was captured by a camera and later sent to Wayne Manor. The family watched as Tim took his final breath as the Joker told him “Happy Birthday Timmy” then slit his throat. They all went mad with grief and killed the Joker.
310. The night before Tim died, Dick and Tim got into a major fight. The fight ended with Dick telling Tim to go die and Tim telling him fine and as he stormed out of the cave. Dick blames himself just as much as he blames Joker for Tim’s death.

So yeah. Enjoy…??? *sweats nervously*


Title: Happy Birthday, Tim
Characters: Tim, Dick, Joker, Alfred, Bruce, Damian, Jason, Cassandra, Stephanie, Barbara
Rating: R
Wordcount: 1,234
Warnings: Kidnapping, torture, murder, character death


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DCU - Of Death.


Title: Of Death. 
AU/DCnU: Child of the Fae AU. 
Pairing: Still Gen for now, but you might interpret it a little as a BruTim and DamiTim, if you squint. 
Warning:  Jack and Janet :’D

Author’s Notes: Dedicates to my dearest Ava, who I love very much and to everyone who have been so supportive with me these last weeks. I will leave this now and go finish Ruse now. 

Janet knows she is dying, she can feel it in the bile trying to force its way into her mouth, and the sluggish way her body just refuses to move as she would have liked it to.

She’s going to suffocate painfully on her own vomit, she’s sure.

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LOOK GUYS I WROTE FIC *rolls around* YAY

So I just have a mighty need for Ran to make her Child of the Fae story a verse. Or beg her to give it to me. Though I probably shouldn’t do that because as you all know I’m totally shit at updating. :( Alas.

But yeah. So I wrote some… kinda random things? For the story. uvu

I hope you enjoy.

(Sorry to the two of you who liked the first post. I meant it to be private for Ran before I made it public)


Title: Musings
Verse: from Rahndom’s Child of Fae story
Pairings/Characters: Batfamily/Tim implied, Tim Drake, Jason Todd, Cassandra Cain, mentions of others
Rating: Uh, T?
Warnings: Ambiguous pairings, angsty Timmers


Tim remembers his childhood.

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I’m having a Halloween party tomorrow. And one of the things I’m going to do is carve two pumpkins. 

A large one and a small one.

I’m going to carve the Bat symbol into the large one and the Robin symbol into the little one. And it will be adorable and amazing. ovo

Well. I was cleaning the counter tonight. And I accidentally hit the little one. 

…And it rolled.

And rolled.

Until it fell off the counter.

And I nearly collapsed in sudden and inexplicable Jason feels.

My mom gave me really weird looks and then rolled her eyes at me.

He’s It’s okay, though. And now happily sitting next to the big one and waiting to be carved into tomorrow.



I hate everything.

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This was the fic I wrote for the lovely Avanalae! I actually wrote a lot more then I sent out. Because I was nervous about her having to look for too many parts and getting frustrated I suppose? ;o; I am sorry dear! So here it is in it’s entirety.

It’s Tim/Damian if you squint~

Title: Harpy.

Summary: Tim is a harpy. 


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Omg. Omg, this makes me regret not being able to look for my parts even more. Omgggg. It also makes me regret not getting to this for a few days. ;A;

This is fantastic!! I do so love creature Tim stories~

And this… I honestly don’t remember ever seeing something like this. I don’t think I’ve even thought about it. For Tim to be a creature like this, who feeds from denial and unhappiness. But my word is it wonderful!! *A*

I really love how you wrote Tim. I love the connections you make between him and Gotham, and between him and what he does. And more, even. It’s just all so interesting!


I was so excited reading Damian and Tim’s confrontation. ovo It’s just like, “Omg Dami I want you to figure it out and I don’t at the same time sldkgjasdg” and “Tim omg bby you have issues and someone should know”


Anyway, enough about me. Thank you so much for writing this for me, sweetie!!

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During my free time, I like to look at Tim’s crotch.

I like to look at his tears.
(It’s this amazing fanart that gave me so many feelings that I had to stick it on my desktop. HIS WIBBLY CHIN. I just want to give him a hug and a sandwich and a cup of tea and possibly adopt him LITTLE BABY DON’T BE SAD)
~reblog with your own Tim desktop background

mine’s a full on YJ pic but I wanna change to yours now, discowing&#160;; 3&#160;;

I HAVE ALL OF MAH BABIES. *pets them all*

ehehe I love this wallpaper. It makes me happy 8D




During my free time, I like to look at Tim’s crotch.

I like to look at his tears.

(It’s this amazing fanart that gave me so many feelings that I had to stick it on my desktop. HIS WIBBLY CHIN. I just want to give him a hug and a sandwich and a cup of tea and possibly adopt him LITTLE BABY DON’T BE SAD)

~reblog with your own Tim desktop background

mine’s a full on YJ pic but I wanna change to yours now, discowing ; 3 ;

I HAVE ALL OF MAH BABIES. *pets them all*

ehehe I love this wallpaper. It makes me happy 8D

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Beware of Timmy angst!!

omg you guys.

I was thinking about some kitty Tim while I was laying down waiting for my ibuprofen to kick in. I was like, “You can never go wrong with kitty Tim. Kitty Tim is great.”


I have no idea where this idea came from. It just shows how much I love to torture Tim. omg.

So to give you a one-line summary of what I was thinking:

"Tim got turned into a cat, and he never wanted to change back."



Obviously, Tim gets turned into a cat.

This is during the time where he’s pretty much out of contact with the Bat family and none of them had really remembered to keep in contact with him, so yeah. They don’t know what he’s been up to recently so they don’t even notice when he disappears because he’s been turned into a cat/kitten. Tim had made it home and was managing to take care of himself because he’s a paranoid kid and totally had plans for if this ever happened.

But eventually his supplies start running low. He can’t research very well as a cat. And he just as a whole doesn’t know what to do.

So he figures he’d go to Wayne manor and hope they take him in and then try to tell them what’s up. So he goes and Alfred takes him in because honestly, as much as he loves Titus, he’s so much more of a cat person. Bruce lets him stay and Damian just “tt”s and Titus is overly affectionate which is really funny because enormous dog + tiny cat = funny.

But as things go on, Tim starts to think… I could really get used to this. I’m getting hugs. Pettings. I don’t have to stress out over all the work I burden myself with. I don’t have to worry about feeding myself and making sure I get sleep.

I could stay like this and no one would miss me.

It’s not like they’ve noticed I’m gone anyway.

So after several nights of learning the different ways a cat can cry, Tim gives up.

He goes back to his apartment. Shuts everything down. Does his best to sort out what he can.

He even leaves a note on his computer for if anyone ever decides to look.

"I don’t care anymore."

or something akin to that.

And he goes back to the mansion, curls up on Alfred’s lap, and lets it all go.

Time passes and a while later, Bruce is working with Zatanna and for some reason she’s in the Batcave. While Bruce and Damian are off doing something, she sees Tim and pretty much gasps aloud.

And Tim realizes she probably knows who he is.

She goes over to him and before she can say anything, he shakes his head, meowing “please don’t tell. Don’t do anything” hoping she might understand.

And she does.

But she’s so very conflicted. She realizes what must have driven him to this, and she actually cries at night a few times from the immense sorrow.

In the end, I haven’t decided if she tells them or remains silent.

If she does, I imagine they’d demand for her to change him back and she does because you just can’t go against Batman. And Tim… she has nightmares about the broken, desperate look he gave her before he covered it over with a mask. Dick would coddle him, Bruce would be easier on him, Damian wouldn’t change, but generally everyone would be nicer to him and more careful. But eventually things would go back to the way they were and Tim would be left like he was before. And maybe he’d pull up a favor from someone. even Zatanna. Get them to change him back into a cat and this time, he wouldn’t go to Wayne manor. He’d wander off and no one he knows would see him again.

If she doesn’t, I can imagine him spending his days happily. Chatting with Titus, sleeping, eating, enjoying life. And then, maybe, Ra’s will check in on his cameras in the manor (you know he has one or two) and sees this cat who reminds him an awful lot of the young detective. He’d do some research and understand and possibly kidnap kittyTim. Ra’s would tell him he can remain as a cat, but Ra’s would still appreciate him and etc, or he can be human again and he swears that Tim’d never have to worry about anything. And that would turn into some lovely Ra’sTim. uvu But that’s the only happy ending I can think of.

I also imagine Jason being the first one to notice Tim was gone. And the only one to really care. Because he and Tim had been working together more and he actually kinda liked the kid (romantically or not).

So yeah.

Holy crap that was long.


Anyone interested? :U

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