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Valentine Kisses

To all my lovely followers, who have been ever-so-patient with me and my writer’s block, I give to thee this Valentine’s Day: TIM KISSES! (ノ^∇^)ノ♥♥♥♥

Thanks to everyone who came to the livestream~ ♥

Pairings: Bart/Tim, Bruce/Tim, Clark/Tim, Connor/Tim, Damian/Tim, Dick/Tim, Jason/Tim, Kon/Tim, DCnU!Kon/DCU!Tim, Ra’s/Tim, Remy/Tim, Roy/Tim, Slade/Tim, Talon/Tim (Alphabetical order because that’s how I roll.)

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Just Something My Mother Taught Me


Title: Just Something My Mother Taught Me

Verse: Host Club (I made a new verse just for this, anon, just for this anon. Don’t expect me to ever write in this verse again.)

Pairing: Jason/Tim+others

Rating: PG13

Tim is an attractive boy, but not only to men!! Dick, Jason and even Damian have been hogging a lot of the female attention, and justice needs to be restored to Timmy. Can you do a drabble with Tim winning over all the girls (could be in costume or incognito) with his wit and cute smile while Dick or Jason just gawk? :D (This request was mostly in response to Dick and Tim’s banter about who gets more girls in a Red Robin issue, and Dick ends it all with “Never forget, I dated Starfire.” lol) TY!


And bonus shout out to the Dean to my Cas, the Glasses!Jason to my Glasses!Tim, the smut to my fluff, the schmoop to my angst, Avaaaaaaaaaa <3

(Among some other people CX Surprise guyssssssssssssss)


Tim looks around the room, thoroughly annoyed and disgusted.

He cannot believe Jason got him to join this club.

Bonding experience, hardly.

How are they supposed to “bond” if Jason is in the middle of a crowd of girls regaling them with tales of his “bad-assery”?

At least Jason got the ass part right.

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You sweetheart you. Why must you be so amazing? *smooshes you*

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