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Meaningful Little Kisses

[10:35:24 PM] Rahn: A counteraction to the usual Bruce is ashamed of his lover because Tim is too Young and shit trope. Instead of Bruce been cautious and ashamed, he is ridiculously proud that Tim CHOSE him, I mean HIM!! When there are younger, handsomer, more caring and totally not-emotionally-damaged people around vying for his attention Tim chose him. So he is PDA-ing all over the manor

[10:35:30 PM] Rahn: Tim just sighs and pats his head

Yes good.


Title: Meaningful Little Kisses
Fandom: DCU
Character(s): Bruce Wayne, Tim Drake, Damian Wayne, Dick Grayson, mentioned: Alfred Pennyworth, Cassandra Cain, Jason Todd, Stephanie Brown
Pairing: BruceTim
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 952


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Dating Advice

rahndom answered:
DamiTim because it’s me :’D ~ <3 Damian is following the dating advice of teen magazines to the T. Tim thinks it’s kinda cute

Her you go, cutie. ♥


Title: Dating Advice
Fandom: DCU
Character(s): Damian Wayne, Tim Drake, Alfred Pennyworth
Pairing: DamianTim
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 490
Warnings: Damian doesn’t understand romance. Also he’s whatever age you want him to be.


“Drake, I require your accompaniment to the movie theater at 2:30 this afternoon.”

Tim practically freezes and stares at Damian with a hesitant confused expression.

“I… What?”

“Attire shall be casual and we shall be seeing a movie that I have confirmed you have not seen and have come to believe you will enjoy. Be ready at 2 o’ clock.” With that, Damian turns and leaves, closing the door quietly behind him.

“What…” Tim stares down at the documents he was signing, “What just happened?”


Damian glares at the pages he holds, “I must be prepared. I should be confident but I should not be over bearing.”

He growls and nearly crumples the magazine and tosses it away from hiimself. “This is ridiculous!”

The boy pouts, grinding his teeth in the silence for several minutes. Eventually he goes and picks up the battered thing, smoothing out the pages.

Colin had told him this would be best… But this is ridiculous. How could a booklet such as this possibly know his situation well enough to give him proper advice?

But… Damian scowls. He has the confidence in himself to acknowledge that he is… lacking in social skills, particularly those which involve romance.

He opens the magazine again and reads the article once more.

It’s better than nothing, he supposes.


Tim shows up, half sure that it’s a joke and Damian’s just being a brat. But he sees the boy standing in front of the movie theater in some of his best casual clothes and…

Holding a small bouquet of flowers.

Oh god. He’s not going to faint.

So he accepts the flowers, allows Damian to pay for the tickets and snacks (he would have protested the treatment, but he’s practically walking in a daze), and watches the movie with him. It was actually something he enjoyed, which was just another notch in the “what the fuck is happening” meter.

Afterwards, they walked home together and split off, Damian going upstairs and Tim to the kitchen.

Alfred is there and Tim sees an empty vase filled with water on the counter. “You… Alfred, did you know about this?”

The old man nods, “Master Damian requested this of me.”

“I see…” Tim distractedly puts the flowers in the vase. “Do you… know what’s up with him?”

“I believe he is attempting to make your relationship more amicable.”

Tim looks at him incredulously.

Alfred raises an eyebrow in return.

Tim huffs, “Well, it’s kind of disturbing.”

“Surely that’s not all you’re feeling, Master Tim.”

His frown wrinkles his nose in an adorable way and Alfred allows himself a small chuckle.

“I guess it’s kinda cute, too…”


Damian holds himself back as much as possible but he still almost runs to his room when they get home. Once there, he locks himself in and dives onto the bed.

That had been more stressful that he’d anticipated.

He glances at his desk, the magazine hidden in one of the drawers.

He hopes for the sake of his fluttering stomach that this might actually work.


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Pillow Forts

varevare answered:
I’m sorry I’m late >x> damian trying to build a pillow fort to “practice military strategy”?

Pshhh w/e. I didn’t give a time limit, so you can’t be late. :P


Title: Pillow Forts
Fandom: DCU
Character(s): Damian Wayne, Tim Drake, Jason Todd, Dick Grayson, Bruce Wayne, Alfred Pennyworth
Pairing: None
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 386
Warnings: FLUFF :D


“Dick, where is my bedding?”

“What? Why would I know that, Timmy? Besides, my stuff is missing, too. And all my pillows!” Dick pouts.

Tim rubs one temple, “Alright, is Alfred doing laundry or something?”

Dick shrugs and is about to speak when Jason comes barging in.

“Where the fuck are my sheets?”


They eventually find themselves in the library and there before them is a….

A pillow fort.

With chairs, a table, a dozen sheets, a few comforters, and a mountain of pillows. It’s very rough but it’s obvious enough what it is.



“Did Damian do this? He’s the only one missing.”

And as they say: “speak of the devil and he shall appear.”

Damian peeks out of one of the openings between sheets. “What are you fools doing here?”

“Uh, trying to figure out what you’re doing, demon brat.”

The boy huffs and looks down his nose at them, “Obviously I am studying military defense strategies.”


Tim raises an eyebrow, “Who told you this?”

“Father, of course. He’s the only one with any intelligence around here.” He pauses and frowns, “Aside from Pennyworth, I suppose.”

“I see.” Tim and Jason glance at Dick who looks like he’s about to combust from holding back the urge to glomp the boy and smother him in cuddles.

“Well, shall we leave you to it? Or do you want some help?”

Another posh huff, “What could you possibly help me with?”

“Well,” Dick has managed to compose himself for the most part, “I know I have a lot of experience in pillow forts. I know I could at least help set things up. So could Jay! And Timmy’s always been good at strategy.”

“Don’t drag me into this-“ Jason covers Tim’s mouth with one hand.

“Yeah, baby bat. Why not take advantage of all the resources available to you?”


It takes some convincing (both for Damian and Tim) but eventually they’re all into it.

And the result is a pillow fortress.

It’s glorious.


Bruce walks into the library, “Boys, dinner’s ready…”

A blink, and he looks up at the thing before him, “Wha-?”

“Attack!” someone cries.

And suddenly Bruce finds himself being pelted by pillows from four different directions.

Alfred ends up having to collect them all 20 minutes later for dinner.

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The Feeling of Home

afewnovelideas answered:
Tim Drake lets Colin Wilkes live with him. Tim is a good big brother, and Colin can’t see why Damian seems to hate Tim so much.

WHY DOES EVERYTHING  I TOUCH TURNS TO ANGST *sobs* But it kinds of cheers up at the end.


Title: The Feeling of Home
Fandom: DCU
Character(s): Colin Wilkes, Tim Drake, mentioned Damian Wayne
Pairing: none
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 557
Warnings: Some sads but hopefully ends happily?


Tim hums and runs his hands through Colin’s red hair, “You feeling better?”

His slender hand is cool against the flushed skin of the boy laying his head in his lap.

“Yeah…” Colin sighs.

He stares up at the young man who allowed him into his home, no questions asked, and provided for him without a single complaint. He looks into soft blue eyes and sees a kindness there that he’s never seen directed at himself.

Tim smiles softly, “I’m glad.”

Colin feels the tears building up and he… he’s just so tired right now. He doesn’t want to fight it. So he just hopes that…

That’s it’s okay.

The first tear falls and Tim’s eyes widen. “Colin? Are you okay?” One hand goes to his forehead, soothingly brushing back his hair and the other cups his cheek, thumb wiping away a tear.

The boy merely closes his eyes and turns his face into Tim’s stomach.

Tim doesn’t ask further and the silence that follows isn’t awkward at all. And eventually, when Colin starts to doze off, he feels himself carried and placed gently into a bed and tucked in.

He probably dreams the kiss to his forehead and the soft murmurs of sweet dreams.


Colin has been friends for a pretty long time. At least, according to his perceptions of time.

But he’s had to put up with a lot from his friend, but one of the most notable things would be his near constant complaints about his “brother,” Tim Drake.

And Colin had always taken it with a grain of salt, familiar enough with the man that he wasn’t sure half the things Damian said about him were true.

Now… Now Colin was questioning everything his friend had ever said about Tim. Because nothing he’d heard from the boy matches the man before him.

After stumbling to Tim’s apartment with a fever-ridden body and dazed eyes that somehow managed to find it in the middle of the night, Tim had taken him in.

(Thinking back on it, he’d been very lucky in every aspect. He’d managed to find a place Damian had just told him about – never shown him or given the exact address! Not only that, but Tim had been home. What were the chances of that?)

Tim had nursed him back to health, buying him medicine and making him food and all these things that clearly took up time and money. Afterwards, Tim had let him stay. He’d continued to give Colin a place to sleep, food to eat, attention and affection, and more.

It was amazing.

Colin was scared every day that one morning he would wake up and find out it had just been a dream.

Perhaps one day, when he manages to leave the apartment free from the fear of coming back to a locked door, he’ll go seek out Damian and question him about it.


“Colin?” Tim tilts his head, birdlike, and Colin stifles a giggle at the action. Tim smiles in return, “Can you please set the table?”

“Yeah!” The boy smiles and goes to do so.

It’s strange, being so excited to do a simple chore. But he’s getting meals - filling meals just for him (and Tim, of course) that he can take his time to enjoy.

It’s amazing.

Everything now is just…


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varevare asked: Nurse me, DamiTim? >>

I got your request this time, love! Darn tumblr eating messages! :(( *shakes fist*

I hope you like it! <3


“You know, you probably aren’t going to get better this way.”

Damian huffs and curls up more on the sofa, “Shut up, Drake.”

Tim hums and goes to put away his things. He hadn’t expected to see Damian when he walked into his house after work. But to be honest, he’s not completely surprised.

Their relationship was getting better all the time. They weren’t out to kill each other anymore, though that doesn’t mean they’ve stopped fighting.

But Damian’s flu means he’d been confined to the manor recently. The boor teen must have been going stir crazy.

Tim isn’t the best cook, but he knows how to heat up soup. So he heats up some of the soup he got from Alfred not too long ago. It’s not the standard chicken noodle, but it’s brothy so he thinks it’ll be fine.

When he brings it out along with a glass of water, Damian’s clearly dozing, curled around one of the decorative pillows.

The older man huffs out a laugh before setting the food on the coffee table. “Hey, Damian.” He risks nudging the young man’s shoulder, “I’m sure you haven’t eaten recently so come on.”

Damian groans but complies, eating nearly all of the soup and a couple glasses of water. Tim takes the dishes out and finds the boy starting to doze again.

So he gets one of the throws he may or may not have stolen from the mansion and drapes it over the teen and tucks him in. Damian barely twitches.

Tim wonders how long this will last.

It’s kind of nice having the snarky little brat being all quiet.

He’s even kind of cute like this. 

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Dolls Can’t Talk

Why do I find such satisfaction in abusing Tim?

I am a horrible person.

I’m so sorry.


Title: Dolls Can’t Talk
Verse: Joker’s Doll
Characters: Joker, Tim Drake, mentions of others
No pairing unless you’re twisted like me and want to ship one-sided Joker/Tim
Rating: T
Warnings: More creepy shit for your enjoyment!
Excerpt: Being completely incapable of doing anything physical provides a lot of time to think.

(Part 1)


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Five kisses


Pairings: Gen, DickTim, BruTim, DamiTim, JayTim

Rating: T

Notes: HAPPY BIRTHDAY AVA!!! I hope you’ll have a wonderful day and that you’ll like this even if just a bit. I haven’t written barely any kisses before so this was a real challenge! Also this is my first BruTim =///= and the JayTim got out of hand a bit Enjoy!!

(Also thanks to Winterysomnium, Brokenseal, Phyrebird and Tronkon for their help <3)

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*squees in happiness and rolls around* 


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Hey guys, have a fic!

I hope you all are having a good day. At least, better than mine.

I enjoyed writing this, though, so it cheered me up a bit.

This is dedicated to everyone who asked for more of this verse. Thank you for liking it. ;v;


Title: Revelations
Just Leave Me
Character(s): Tim Drake, Alfred Pennyworth, Dick Grayson, Damian Wayne, Bruce Wayne, Titus
Pairing: None
Rating: PG
Wordcount:  885
Warnings: Angst, angsty fluff, and other stuff.

Part 1 | Part 3


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Drunk on More than Love

This is dedicated to the anon who was super adorable and said:

Ava…Ava….Ava! I like how you write. No. I love how you write. And I do have a request (//w//) With your wonderful ability to put your imagination to words maybe a drunk fic of Tim. But Tim is not angsty or not just giggly but a cuddlekittententaclearmswillnotletyougonononoiwon’t and gives a kiss on the victims face before falling asleep. And he still won’t let go.

So adorable. omg. You’re too kind anon. ;v;

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this!!!


Title: Drunk on More than Love
Fandom: DCU
Character(s): Tim Drake, Dick Grayson, Bruce Wayne, Jason Todd, Damian Wayne, Alfred Pennyworth
Pairing: none (but can be Batboys/Tim or A Specific Batboy/Tim)
Rating: PG-13ish?
Wordcount: 1,184
Summary: Tim is an interesting drunk. The men of the Batfamily learn this in different ways.


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This was the fic I wrote for the lovely Avanalae! I actually wrote a lot more then I sent out. Because I was nervous about her having to look for too many parts and getting frustrated I suppose? ;o; I am sorry dear! So here it is in it’s entirety.

It’s Tim/Damian if you squint~

Title: Harpy.

Summary: Tim is a harpy. 


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Omg. Omg, this makes me regret not being able to look for my parts even more. Omgggg. It also makes me regret not getting to this for a few days. ;A;

This is fantastic!! I do so love creature Tim stories~

And this… I honestly don’t remember ever seeing something like this. I don’t think I’ve even thought about it. For Tim to be a creature like this, who feeds from denial and unhappiness. But my word is it wonderful!! *A*

I really love how you wrote Tim. I love the connections you make between him and Gotham, and between him and what he does. And more, even. It’s just all so interesting!


I was so excited reading Damian and Tim’s confrontation. ovo It’s just like, “Omg Dami I want you to figure it out and I don’t at the same time sldkgjasdg” and “Tim omg bby you have issues and someone should know”


Anyway, enough about me. Thank you so much for writing this for me, sweetie!!

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The fic I wrote for tigrislupa for the Fic Hunt. It was categorized as “T” :) I hope you like(d) it!

I made a couple edits, just fyi.


Title: Self-Reassurance
Rating: PG
Pairing: None
Characters: Tim Drake, Dick Grayson, Damian Wayne, Bruce Wayne, Alfred Pennyworth, Jason Todd (mentioned)
Summary: Tim has to check on his family every night. Just to assure himself they haven’t dissappeared. Inspired in part by incogneat-oh’s headcanon.


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And So It Begins

Hey guys, guys what?

This is the first part of that angsty kitty!Tim fic I told you about!! \o3o/ Woooo! I finally wrote it after forever of it picking at my brain. @___@

This is not my best work, as I’m still getting back in the writing grove. Please bear with me. u__u

This fic is also dedicated to my beloved Kitty! It was her birthday today. Well, it still is. I’m just a bit late I suppose. Anyway. She didn’t really get fic and that makes me sad because she deserves all the fic!

I hope you guys enjoy!


Title: And So It Begins
Just Leave Me
Character(s): Tim Drake, Alfred Pennyworth, Dick Grayson, Damian Wayne, Bruce Wayne, Titus
Pairing: None
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 1,714
Warnings: Angst, Timmy being a very depressed cat, implications of abuse/neglect

Part 2 | Part 3


Tim sighs deeply, sprawled on his side.

Why do these things happen to him?

He stares at his small paws, at the deep black fur that he knows covers his body.  He twitches his tail, seeing the long slender thing from the corner of his eye. At least he kind of looked like himself in this form.

Black fur, blue eyes, slender form…

And small.

He’s not a kitten, but he nearly looks like one for his size.

His tail twitches again – this time in annoyance.

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Beware of Timmy angst!!

omg you guys.

I was thinking about some kitty Tim while I was laying down waiting for my ibuprofen to kick in. I was like, “You can never go wrong with kitty Tim. Kitty Tim is great.”


I have no idea where this idea came from. It just shows how much I love to torture Tim. omg.

So to give you a one-line summary of what I was thinking:

"Tim got turned into a cat, and he never wanted to change back."



Obviously, Tim gets turned into a cat.

This is during the time where he’s pretty much out of contact with the Bat family and none of them had really remembered to keep in contact with him, so yeah. They don’t know what he’s been up to recently so they don’t even notice when he disappears because he’s been turned into a cat/kitten. Tim had made it home and was managing to take care of himself because he’s a paranoid kid and totally had plans for if this ever happened.

But eventually his supplies start running low. He can’t research very well as a cat. And he just as a whole doesn’t know what to do.

So he figures he’d go to Wayne manor and hope they take him in and then try to tell them what’s up. So he goes and Alfred takes him in because honestly, as much as he loves Titus, he’s so much more of a cat person. Bruce lets him stay and Damian just “tt”s and Titus is overly affectionate which is really funny because enormous dog + tiny cat = funny.

But as things go on, Tim starts to think… I could really get used to this. I’m getting hugs. Pettings. I don’t have to stress out over all the work I burden myself with. I don’t have to worry about feeding myself and making sure I get sleep.

I could stay like this and no one would miss me.

It’s not like they’ve noticed I’m gone anyway.

So after several nights of learning the different ways a cat can cry, Tim gives up.

He goes back to his apartment. Shuts everything down. Does his best to sort out what he can.

He even leaves a note on his computer for if anyone ever decides to look.

"I don’t care anymore."

or something akin to that.

And he goes back to the mansion, curls up on Alfred’s lap, and lets it all go.

Time passes and a while later, Bruce is working with Zatanna and for some reason she’s in the Batcave. While Bruce and Damian are off doing something, she sees Tim and pretty much gasps aloud.

And Tim realizes she probably knows who he is.

She goes over to him and before she can say anything, he shakes his head, meowing “please don’t tell. Don’t do anything” hoping she might understand.

And she does.

But she’s so very conflicted. She realizes what must have driven him to this, and she actually cries at night a few times from the immense sorrow.

In the end, I haven’t decided if she tells them or remains silent.

If she does, I imagine they’d demand for her to change him back and she does because you just can’t go against Batman. And Tim… she has nightmares about the broken, desperate look he gave her before he covered it over with a mask. Dick would coddle him, Bruce would be easier on him, Damian wouldn’t change, but generally everyone would be nicer to him and more careful. But eventually things would go back to the way they were and Tim would be left like he was before. And maybe he’d pull up a favor from someone. even Zatanna. Get them to change him back into a cat and this time, he wouldn’t go to Wayne manor. He’d wander off and no one he knows would see him again.

If she doesn’t, I can imagine him spending his days happily. Chatting with Titus, sleeping, eating, enjoying life. And then, maybe, Ra’s will check in on his cameras in the manor (you know he has one or two) and sees this cat who reminds him an awful lot of the young detective. He’d do some research and understand and possibly kidnap kittyTim. Ra’s would tell him he can remain as a cat, but Ra’s would still appreciate him and etc, or he can be human again and he swears that Tim’d never have to worry about anything. And that would turn into some lovely Ra’sTim. uvu But that’s the only happy ending I can think of.

I also imagine Jason being the first one to notice Tim was gone. And the only one to really care. Because he and Tim had been working together more and he actually kinda liked the kid (romantically or not).

So yeah.

Holy crap that was long.


Anyone interested? :U

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