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We're All a Little Mad

Especially me.

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Posts tagged I'M SORRY

Jul 5 '12

omg guys I’m sorry

the last photo in my paperdoll post didn’t show up! D: I don’t know why ;3;

But I’ve fixed it! :D

So go look again!

Jun 30 '12


Round two of Doctor Who tea blends! Doesn’t mean I’m done though ;)

And Uh I feel like an ass because I said these were going to be posted yesterday and then I fell asleep instead and I’ve gotten lots of notes today asking why these haven’t been posted soooo let’s turn this into the mini-est of give aways. Reblog this (NO MORE THAN THREE TIMES) or even just like it and um…. some time tomorrow (Sunday) I will count the notes and randomly pick someone and let them pick one of these teas and I will mail it to them. I can’t mail tea to Australia or New Zealand and I think a couple other countries or something, so if the winner is from one of those places, shit, uh, I’ll send you some stickers from my Redbubble store.

Simple, quick giveaway. I’ll post sometime tomorrow when I start counting the notes and I’ll be like ‘hey, shut up, stop reblogging now’ and then I’ll post the winner. Cool? Cool.

I’ll be doing this with the Harry Potter blends too, so there will be 2 giveaways going on and you may enter both so man, how cool is that?

Jun 9 '12





#that loki gif tho #it’s like all three of them are in the same room #and he can’t decide which one he wants first

he wouldn’t have to decide it would be a foursome 

I’m sorry.

I don’t think you understand how much I needed this on my blog.

Jun 2 '12

Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who doesn’t like zombie apocalypse AUs.

Mar 5 '12

Damn you Ava…


This music is like a curse on my bedtime…

A curse otherwise known as my muse wielding a rolling pin and threatening to disembowel me with a spoon if I don’t start writing right now…

Oh goodness.

I was just trying to be helpful. But the muses are being rather mean. ;A; Where did they even get a rolling pin? And…

I’ll just… Go over there. ;3;

Sorry…. ;~;