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We're All a Little Mad

Especially me.

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Quick Ref: Cis girl/gray-asexual/Aromantic/Writes fic sometimes

Posts tagged Riddler

Apr 19 '12

AWIII Entry #2

Thanks so much to Kitty, again! <3 She helped me with ideas and so much more. I wuv yoooou~!! <333


Word Count: 2,314

Title: The Mockingbird Falls

Verse: Mockingbird

Characters/Pairings: Bruce, Dick, Jason, Tim, Alfred, Riddler

Rating: probably a little higher than Jason?

Excerpt: “He’s tired. So tired.”


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Mar 23 '12

The Riddle Timothy

Because of reasons.




Title: The Riddle Timothy
: Riddler/Tim (Edward Nigma/Tim Drake)
: NC-17
: Dub-con, smut, bondage, gags, etc. XD
: He has Timothy figured out.


“Mm! Mmn!” Tim whimpers and weakly tugs at the restraints that bind his wrists to the headboard. He whines weakly, the sound muffled by the cloth gag, unable to wipe the tears that steadily leaked from his eyes.

A spreader bar kept Tim’s legs apart, leaving him wide open and exposed. It’s obvious that his captor enjoys his humiliation, deriving pleasure from watching Tim squirm.

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