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tim from the tiny goldilocks au you did. 5 facts please.

Oh gosh. XD

  1. Tim ran away from home and had been wandering the woods in search for a good place to live that had all the necessities because he didn’t want to live in that big, lonely house anymore.
  2. Bruce, Jason, and Dick all grow to truly love their little Tim and would do anything for him.
  3. Tim actually does do the housework and most of the cooking. Alfred… I don’t know. He’s somewhere? >__>;;
  4. The three of them are really, really ridiculously kinky. And Tim is always willing to try new things. But Bruce, Jason, and Dick made sure that they had a safety word and Tim would use it.
  5. Cass, Steph, and Barbara live in another house in the woods a bit away. They all love Tim and have made him an honorary “sister.” XDD

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