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Okay. I did it. I read them.

Phew. Okay. Wow. I worry for no reason a lot, don’t I? Yeesh. Sorry you guys have to deal with this crap.

*takes deep breaths and tries to stop shaking* I’m okay. Okay. Yee…

I will try to respond to them, but I dunno if I’ll get to them today. But I did see them all!! Thank you everyone!!!! ;A; I am not worthyyyyy

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babybirdblues asked: Mourn Me; someone mourning Tim?

Since I’ve really never seen it before, I’m gonna switch it up. And do Cass. ovo

…Sorry if it’s terrible. :( It’s been a while.


Tim was her brother. But he was also… more than that. Tim was one of the few that Cass truly felt she could be herself around. They were not lovers, but perhaps they were as close as a pair could be without turning to romantic or sexual pursuits.

He understood how much training to be an assassin affects you. They would often talk about Shiva, and in turn Cass would talk about her father. They would bond over the pain and the difficulties over holding back constantly.

They were close.

And now, to an extent, she regrets that.

She hates the anger she feels. The despair. The loneliness.

Anger at Bruce. At the rest of her family.

For letting this happen.

Despair over the fact that it happened.

And the loneliness of being left behind.

She had been in China and gotten a call days after it happened.

Something happened with the Joker. Tim was captured, after sacrificing himself for the rest of them. And they are all familiar with the Joker’s disposition towards Robins – even former ones.

She’s not sure if Jason’s going to recover from this.

Let alone their family.

She presses the fabric of one of Tim’s favorite shirts to her face. The scent of Tim surrounds her.

But she knows that won’t last for long.

So she holds it closer. 

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Do I get to call you Mama Blue or would that make my relationship with Hearts incestual? ovo

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babybirdblues asked: "Dear someone I thought I knew" and "Dear Timothy I ship you with these ten people"

Oh you. XD Fine.

Dear someone I thought I knew:

I wish I had known sooner what you were like, otherwise I would have not dated you.

I wish I had known that you were a selfish jerk that pretty much would treat me like an object and not respect my choices and decisions. I wish you had cared. Because when you take a girl to prom, usually you take time to tell her she’s beautiful and dance with her. But you did neither of these.

So I hope you have a good life with your fraternizing and attempts to prove yourself as a “good person” because in actuality: you’re an idiot.

No love, Ava

Dear Tim

I know Bee’s trying to get revenge, but HA.

Anyway, I hope you’ll forgive me, Tim. I ship you with so many people it’s ridiculous. Last time I counted, there were at least 30 people I actively ship you with. It’s probably more now. XD

I will always and forever ship you with Jason. :)

And my most recent additions to my Everyone/Tim list is Loki, Thor, and Tony. :D And possibly Steve. :3

Please forgive me for all the torture I put you through. u 3u

I love you~


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babybirdblues asked: "Timmy~-" "No." "But I never even-" "No. I just finished my semester. I am not doing anything except lay here, eat and watch movies. By. Myself." Tim doesn't even have to look up to know Dick's looking at him with a kicked-puppy look. But Tim had a horrendous semester and all he wants to do is be alone with his fandoms and zen out. Maybe talking to some of his friends, through the internet. Not person to person. Go away thank you. "Go away Dick, at least for today. I'll phone you tomorrow."

Omg. Bee. You. Are. Wonderful!

I just- lksjdflkasmvisemftejw

Tiiiiim. I know your paaaaaaain.

And yes. The rest of this week is going to be spent in isolation. For recovery. >3< *clings to you all and my fandoms and fanfiction and tumblr*

I wuv yooooooooooooou <333333

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Got tagged twice, so I’m doing them both in one post. ~3~

Under a cut, because it’s long and I don’t know how many of you want to see this anyway.

This tag game if to get to know the person behind the blog better. As with any tagging game there are rules:

Rule 1 - Post the rules.

Rule 2 - Answer the questions the tagger set for you and then make 11 new ones.

Rule 3 - Tag 11 people and link them to your post.

Rule 4 - Let them know you’ve tagged them.

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AWIII Entry #3

It’s still the 19th here, so this counts. XDDD (Edit: Darn! Midnight exactly. ;n; Just a few seconds off… >__> Oh well. <u<)


Word Count: 1,045

Title: Too Late

Characters/Pairings: Bruce, Dick, Damian, Tim, Alfred

Rating: Jason?

Excerpt: “…And now it’s probably too late.”


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