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This Gaza situation seems really one-sided currently?

I mean, Gaza has been constantly attacking Israel with explosives for a while now, killing innocents in mass. 

And Isreal sent out a warning ahead of time, almost a week ago now about how they were going to invade Gaza to get rid of the people behind the attacks. They were given warning ahead of time to evacuate.

I understand that it’s most likely impossible for everyone to make it out in time, but really… They’ve been at war for ages now. 

It’s a terrible thing, yes. But… I don’t know. War is always a mess.

Edit: See my reblog for more.

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Wow so yesterday was my first time working thursday (yay more hours!) but good and gracious GOD. It was horrible. And I pray with my entire being that it was just a one-time thing. 

On the plus side, though, I’m in the mood to update my darkfics. But not right now because I’m off to my psychiatrist and stuff. :U


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wow okay. So I had a really busy weekend. We painted my room!! :D It is now two different shades of purple. *3* So happyyyy. We did the walls and all that stuff, and I need to do any touch ups, but that’ll have to wait. I go back to work today. Wish me luck! :U 

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Do people not realize that the Arizona bill to allow religious organizations protection should they refuse to do something that goes against their religion has already been in place for years?

This latest one was just meant to expound on the law and was only rejected because everything was, due to a kind of strike and it had nothing to do with the bill itself?

Btw, one of the major reasons the bill is in place is so that organizations don’t get sued when they refuse to hire someone who participates in a practice that is against their religion, even if that person is better qualified than the person they end up hiring.

I dunno. Maybe I’m missing something (that happened recently?). But yeah.

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Off to see my psychiatrist. 

And question him about some things (my drugs/his intellect/his procedures). Possibly make him rue the day he denied me my drugs. 

I will inform you if my endeavor is successful or not.

Wish me luck… *sigh*

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Hey guys I’d like your opinion

Which game should I get? Just one because I don’t really have much disposable income at the moment

  • Pokemon X 
  • Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon
  • LoZ: Ocarina of Time 3D
  • LoZ: A Link Between Worlds (though for this one I want to get the bundle but the closest store that has them is like an hour away and they’re $50 more expensive online…)
  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf
  • Kid Icarus: Uprising (I want this one because Pit’s my fav character in Brawl)
  • Super Mario 3D World (Heard it was good and CATSUITS ALSKDFJAPO)

I want these all pretty equally, so I’m stuck. 


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Okay guys I don’t understand

There are porn blogs reblogging that one post of mine. A fanfic post. A drabble. About Tim in lingerie. A FANFIC. THERE’S NO PIC. IT’S NOT EVEN EXPLICIT. IT’S NOT EVEN 300 WORDS


(Also it’s really annoying having it being reblogged as a link with a comment about seeing more whatever at their blog. Really. Really annoying.)

((Also, looking at their blog names they’re probably virus blogs but I have a good antivirus so I’m not overly worried. But don’t check them out if you don’t. I’m tagging them to give them a chance to explain if they’re real. Cause I thought the virus ones just followed you.))

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